We can look at accreditation two ways…we can look at it as an opportunity to collectively collaborate with faculty, classified staff, administration and students and reflect on our institutional efficacy, impact on student learning, and educational quality or we can look at it as merely an exercise, another hoop to jump through, that produces meaningless information and data that does not improve the institution’s practices, policies or processes.

I think you will agree that accreditation is an opportunity to be recognized by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges/ Accrediting Commission of Junior and Community Colleges that Mt. San Jacinto College is an institution that has been found to consistently meet or exceed the stated criteria of educational quality. Accreditation has two fundamental purposes: (1) to assure the quality of the institution, and (2) to encourage institutional improvement.

As you may know, over the last year Mt. San Jacinto College has embarked on its 2011 Accreditation Self Study journey. A steering committee comprised of faculty, classified staff, administration and students was convened along with eleven standard sub-committees in early spring 2010. These groups have worked diligently to produce a draft outline of each of the four accreditation standards (1) Institutional Mission and Effectiveness; (2) Student Learning Programs and Services; (3) Resources; and (4) Leadership and Governance. In addition a Themes Committee was also convened to address the six themes woven within the four accreditation standards (Institutional Integrity/ Dialogue/ Institutional Commitments/ Evaluation, Planning, and Improvement/ Student Learning Outcomes/ and Organization). The outline drafts were completed in early August 2010. The Accreditation Liaison Officer will utilize the outlines to develop a first draft of the Self Study report in late October 2010 whereby all members representing each of the constituencies at Mt. San Jacinto College will have an opportunity to review the draft and provide feedback and input. A second draft will be developed based on this vital and critical feedback in spring 2011 along with another opportunity for input from the various college community members. A final report will be drafted by the Accreditation Liaison Officer and edited by two faculty members by May 2011. The report must receive approval from the Board of Trustees in order to be submitted in June/July 2011.

Once the report is submitted, Mt. San Jacinto College will then begin preparation for the Accreditation Self Study site visit. A group of approximately ten community college peers will visit our institution and engage faculty, classified staff, and administrators in discussion and inquiry related to the results of the Self Study report. This visit will take place in fall 2011.

For more details on the timeline, activities, and faculty, classified, and administrators involved in the process related to the MSJC Accreditation Self Study 2011, please see the MSJC Institutional Effectiveness and Planning website.

Rebecca Teague
Director of Grant Development
Accreditation Liaison Officer
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