A Note from the Superintendent/President

Welcome to the new MSJCLinks, a monthly internal e-newsletter!

MSJCLinks is about you, about our students, about the college. MSJCLinks is about each important segment that, when linked together, make up Mt. San Jacinto College.

MSJCLinks is designed to give you a quick overview of information to keep faculty and staff updated on the college district and to highlight achievements of employees and students.

And, MSJCLinks respects your time.
Each month, you will receive the newsletter in your e-mail. You’ll be able to:

You will receive updates on Accreditation. You can find out about upcoming college events and learn how you can get more involved. You might read about new programs the college is offering or updates from Human Resources.

MSJCLinks will depend on you. The articles will be written by you. Please make sure you submit articles of 150 to 500 words with photos to Karin Marriott, Director of Marketing and Public Information, at

Thank you,

Roger Schultz
Mt. San Jacinto College


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