Children’s Lit lights English professor

Dr. Michelle Pagni Stewart, English professor, recently published an article on American Indian children's literature. The article, titled "Joseph Bruchac's 'Dark' Novels: Confronting the Terror of Adolescence," was published in the Spring/Summer 2010 edition of Studies in the Novel. The article looks at the way Abenaki author Joseph Bruchac uses the horror fiction genre to introduce young readers to significant aspects of adolescence and American Indian culture. Another article, "The 'Homing in' of Howard Camp: Hidden Roots in Joseph Bruchac's Hidden Roots," has been accepted for publication in the journal Children's Literature and will likely come out in 2011. This article looks at an obscure historical event in which Abenaki Indians fled the state of Vermont to avoid forced sterilization as a result of the state’s eugenics laws.

Editor’s note: Last year, Dr. Stewart and Yvonne Atkinson, associate faculty English, co-edited Ethnic Literary Traditions in American Children's Literature, published in Fall 2009.

Michelle Pagni StewartYvonne Atkinson
Michelle Pagni Stewart and Yvonne Atkinson


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