A message from Dr. Roger Schultz, Superintendent/President
ACCJC 2010 Follow Up Report Site Visit Update

As you know, Mt. San Jacinto College submitted our ACCJC 2010 Follow Up-Report to the ACCJC on Friday, October 15, 2010. A short ten days later we were hosts to two ACCJC site visitors (Jerry Patton, College of the Desert President and Holly Beernink, Director of Academic Affairs at Carrington College, a member of the ACCJC). Although the site visit only took one day, it was very comprehensive and interviews with faculty, classified professionals, administrators and students were scheduled throughout the day focusing on the progress our institution has made relative to our ACCJC Recommendation #2.

The Team recommends that the College develop policies, procedures, and regular practices to ensure that:

The site visitors specifically requested interviews from various shared governance committees including Budget, Institutional Planning, College Council, and the Accreditation Standard Committees, as well as Board Trustee President Eugene Kadow and Dr. Roger Schultz. The preliminary feedback from the site visit chair Monday afternoon was positive and although the final evaluation report from this visit will not be finalized for several months, we believe that the report will demonstrate the accomplishments our district has made over the last several years related to our planning efforts.

Truly, what we have accomplished in the last several years related to our planning efforts is absolutely remarkable. We have received feedback from various experts in the field that Mt. San Jacinto College is becoming one of the “best practice” colleges when it comes to integrated planning and assessment. We are currently at a level of planning where very few institutions have mastered. Now, don’t get me wrong, we still have a tremendous amount of work ahead of us as we put all of the pieces in motion and implement/evaluate a full planning cycle. Our process is still imperfect – but WE ARE becoming a continuous quality improvement institution.

Our most valuable asset, however, is not our pretty schematics or detailed matrixes but our collaborative environment and commitment to our students. We work with some phenomenal individuals and we are leveraging our strengths to become a truly incredible institution.

So now what? We need to carry this positive momentum to implement our planning and budget allocation cycles. We need to saturate our institution with information and data relative to our planning endeavors and empower every single member of our MSJC Family. Self study and planning should be an agenda item at every single staff meeting, department academy, and committee meeting. Our ACCJC Self Study is just around the corner and I am encouraging everyone to be part of this process. Please contact Rebecca Teague (, Accreditation Liaison Officer, about your interest in joining this district-wide endeavor.

In closing, I want to thank and congratulate the college community, especially all those that have worked on the numerous committees to address these important accreditation issues and make MSJC the outstanding institution that it is.

Dr. Roger Schultz
Mt. San Jacinto College


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