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The Mt. San Jacinto College Office of Institutional Effectiveness (Accreditation, Research, Assessment, Grants, and Planning) has initiated the concept of training modules to disseminate complex information related to planning, budget allocations, program review, student learning outcomes and assessment, shared governance, and a few other hot topics.

The training modules are fun, short (3-5 minute), and innovative presentations in the form of animated videos discussing various topics in preparation for our Accreditation Self Study Evaluation in October 2011. The goal is to provide yet another mode for disseminating critical information to our college constituent groups.

The videos will be distributed to staff on a monthly basis beginning in January 2011 with the intention that the training modules will be utilized during monthly staff gatherings such as committee meetings, staff, department and faculty meetings, department chair academies, college hour, etc.

As an appetizer to the start of the New Year, we’d like to give you an opportunity to preview one of the first training modules developed.

How does our budget allocation process work…Does program review/student learning outcome assessment data drive allocations? Check out the following training module which illustrates in specific detail how to get in the queue for resource allocations (AKA MONEY)!

Be sure to turn up the volume on your computer – and warn your co-workers that you may start to laugh out loud!



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