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Mathematics 051 PreAlgebra

Section 3555 3:30pm 4:45pm Final Exam: Wednesday 12/18 2:00-4:00pm

Room 351B M/W 8/19/13 thru 12/11/13, except for Mondays 9/2 and 11/11


The online Syllabus may be revised at any time; changes will be highlighted in Yellow.


Instructor: David Vandewater (MrV)


Office Hours: As an Associate Faculty Instructor, I do not have office hours.

Get free walk-in help with classwork from tutors in the Learning Resource Center (LRC) Bldg800:

Student ID Required! Hours: Mon-Thur 9am-2pm, 4pm-7pm and Fri 9am-Noon.

If you have an issue other than help with classwork, please contact me to arrange a meeting.


Phone Number: Please use e-mail for all communication

E-mail: (Identify your class Math51 in the Subject Line)


Web site: for the current copy of this syllabus,

copies of handouts, access to PowerPoint presentations and your current grading information.

I will not be using Blackboard during this semester.


Required Text: PreAlgebra by Bittinger/Ellenbogen/Johnson, 6th edition

Bookstore package: ISBN-13: 978-1256755166 (See syllabus page 5 for more information)

Note: Only the 6th Edition can be used. All students must be on the same homework pages.


Materials: Paper/ pencils/erasers for note-taking and homework; A blue or black pen for

making corrections/additions on returned tests; Pencil sharpener and mini-stapler. No Calculators.


Every Day, Bring to Class: This Syllabus, all Homework not yet submitted, your Textbook.


Description: This course is designed to prepare students for Elementary Algebra. The course

covers basic arithmetic, working with whole numbers, integers, fractions, decimals and percentages.

Other topics taught will include conversions within and between the metric and standard systems.

Topics in geometry and algebra will be introduced.


Learning Objectives:

To successfully complete this course, the student (without the aid of a calculator) is expected to:

1. Estimate the result of an addition, subtraction, multiplication or division problem.
2. Evaluate the expression containing integers: perform order of operations.
3. Evaluate the expression containing negative and positive fractions or mixed numbers.
4. Evaluate the expression containing negative and positive decimals.
5. Solve applications utilizing proportions, including those involving percent, base and amount.
6. Convert measurements in both the U.S. Customary and Metric Systems within each system
and from one system to the other.
7. Convert between percentages, fractions and decimals and solve related applications.
8. Evaluate algebraic expressions.
9. Solve algebraic equations that contain one variable and up to two operations.
10. Choose the appropriate basic geometric formulae and laws, including finding the area and perimeter
of polygons, the area and circumference of a circle.

Class Learning Outcomes:

The student should demonstrate the ability to:

#1. Utilise the order of operation agreement to simplify expressions containing integers and exponents.

#2. Add, subtract, and reduce, if necessary, non-mixed number fractions with different signs.

#3. Solve an algebraic equation with one variable that requires two operations to solve.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is not optional. Your timely, consistent attendance is required for effective learning.
The purpose of the attendance policy is to minimize disruptions in our learning environment.
Roll call is always taken at class start: Arrive before the end of roll call (and stay), or you are late.


You are required to sign the Participation Exceptions List (located near the classroom door):
- When you arrive late to class. (you will be marked absent for of a class meeting)
- When you have to leave early before class is dismissed. (you will be marked absent for class)
Bathroom break: Leave your books and phone in class - no sign-in or sign-out.
If you leave class for any other reason (caf, phone, etc.) take your things and sign-out.

Instructor Drop Policy

I will drop you if you are late or leave early 4 times in the first 3 weeks.
I will drop you if you are absent 3 times in the first 3 weeks. (2 lates = 1 absence)

Drop Dates for Students

August 30, 2013 - The last day to drop a full-term course and get a refund.

September 8, 2013 - The last day to drop a full-term course without a "W" grade issued.

November 22, 2013 - The last day to drop a full-term course with a "W" grade issued.

It is YOUR responsibility to drop this course if you no longer wish to be enrolled.
You can use Eagle Advisor (My MSJC) to drop, or get assistance from the Eagle Access Center.
After three final grades of D, F or W, a student will NOT be allowed to enroll in this course again.

(One additional enrollment may be permitted by petition with documented extenuating circumstances.)


Mt. San Jacinto College abides by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the
Rehabilitation Act of 1973 that prohibits federal and state agencies or programs from discriminating
against qualified individuals with disabilities. If you have a documented disability that limits major
life activity which may have some impact on your work in this class and for which you may require
accommodations, please notify the Disabled Students Program and Services. DSPS is located in
room 1019B. You may call 639-5305 to arrange for verification of your disability and for
reasonable accommodations. Contact DSPS for scheduling tests in the DSPS Testing Room.


Classroom Behavior

Turn off your phone, i-pod or pager before class begins. Put it away, not on your desk or lap.
If your phone rings or noticeably vibrates, quickly silence it and see me at the end of class.


Texting (sending or receiving) is disruptive, and not allowed. You cannot use your phone in class,
or leave class to use it, unless you leave for the day.
If you are an emergency professional, please see me to get an exception.


I-Pads, Tablets and Notebook PCs can ONLY be used for note taking or e-Text access, but sounds
and communications applications must be disabled. NO EMAIL, SURFING or MESSAGING, etc!


Talking to other students during lecture is rude and disruptive. So is interrupting the instructor or
other students while they are talking. Please raise your hand to ask questions or volunteer answers.


If your behavior disrupts the class, you will be given only one warning. If you disrupt the class
again, you will be excused from class for the rest of the day, marked absent for that meeting and
possibly referred to the Dean of Instruction.


Sleepy or Uncomfortable? Feel free to go to the back of the classroom to stand or flex silently.


Class Structure

- Roll call starts promptly at 3:30; arrive (and stay) by end of roll call, or be marked late.
- Be ready for new material:
Before class meets, use the LRC to clarify any previous topics you still dont understand.
If class time remains after the new material is presented, I will be available for questions.
- My presentations are interactive; you are expected to follow the flow of discussion;
You will be asked many questions. If you say I dont know, I may ask you why.


Your Course Grade

The scores you earn on twelve (12) homework submissions, five (5) quizzes/projects, five
(5) tests, any extra credit and the final exam will determine your grade. The points possible are:


Item Points Possible
5 Tests (140 points each) 700 All Tests Count
Final Examination 200
Quizzes/Projects (10 points each) 40 Best 4 of 5 quizzes/projects
12 Homework Packs (5 points each) 60
Total Points possible 1000


Points Earned Percent(s) Final Grade

1000 - 900 90% 100% A

899 - 800 80% 89% B

799 - 700 70% 79% C If Final Exam is not taken: D

699 - 600 60% 69% D

599 - 0 0% 59% F


You can access your current scores from a link in this class syllabus on my instructor website.
Extra credit will be limited to 30 points. It may occur toward the end of classtime; dont leave early.


Tests, Quizzes and the Final Exam

There will be five 60 minute tests and a 110 minute final examination. Use pencil.
Test questions are similar to exercises assigned as homework.
You must show all your work to a solution to receive full credit for that exercise.
Partial credit may be given for some questions. The final exam will be comprehensive.
All Test grades count, so make sure that you take them all.
Guessing or using trial and error receives no points, even for correct answers; you are required to
solve questions using the written notations, techniques and computations taught in class.


Allowed: One 3x5 note card per test (two for the final), as well as a 4x6 MrVs Tables card.
Not Allowed: Books, detailed notes, calculators or any other reference materials.


I will show you complete solutions to test questions in class when graded tests are returned.
It is important to compare your answers and work with those solutions immediately.
During the test review, only use a blue/black pen to make notes/corrections on your returned test.
If you have questions about your grade or the way a particular solution was graded, you must ask
me before leaving the classroom
. Once you have left the classroom, your test score is permanent.

Each 10 to 15 minute Quiz has four or five exercises based on the last 2 days of assignments.
You can use your own homework and a MrVs Tables card for reference, but nothing else.
Its a good habit to always bring your unsubmitted homework with you to class.
Quizzes may be given at start of class (be on time). Quizzes are not announced ahead of time.
If you miss a quiz due to tardiness or absence, your score will be 0.
If you miss more than one quiz, one Make-up Quiz may be given the last week of class.

Save your tests with corrected solutions (use blue/black ink) so that you can use them to study for the final.


If you are ABSENT on a test day

You have until the start of the next class to take the test in the LRC (800 Bldg), 8am-8pm M-F
Missed a Monday test? Take it anytime between Monday 5:00pm and Wednesday at 2:30pm.
Missed a Wednesday test? Take it anytime between Weds. 5:00pm and 2:30pm the next Monday.
This is necessary because completed tests are returned promptly and followed by a class review.
You can use the LRC only once to take a test with no penalty. Otherwise, 10% penalties will apply.
If you dont take a test at all, your score for that test will be 0. Tests cannot be taken early.


If you are ABSENT for the final examination

Your final exam grade is 0 and you won't earn a grade better than "D" for the course.
If you miss the final examination for unforeseen justifiable reasons, send me an e-mail immediately.
Requests for Incomplete grades are not always approved. A make-up date is not usually possible.
Work, travel or vacation plans are not valid excuses for missing the final.


If you are ABSENT for a Surprise Quiz

Your quiz grade is 0; at class end, one make-up quiz may be given if you missed 2 or more quizzes.
Keep in mind that only the best 4 grades out of 5 quizzes are used.


If you are ABSENT for any other class day

Read the assigned chapter sections you missed, and do the homework before the next class.
Possibly the tutors in the LRC can help you, but review the assigned section before you go there.



If you cheat on a test or the final, you will receive a score of 0 for the whole test.
Cheating on homework is assumed when you give yourself a score that is 5 or more above
the real number of correct answers; this can happen when you:
- are very sloppy in counting correct exercises, or
- you dont check your answers with the book and have incorrect work and answers, or
- you have incorrect or missing work but you claim the book answer without correcting your work.
You will get 0 points for the entire homework if you have serious scoring errors.
Working with someone else on your homework is not cheating. Do your share of the thinking.
Copying homework is senseless because you learn so very little to prepare you for the tests.


Instructor Website:

To access the latest updated class syllabus, interactive PowerPoints, your latest grades and
the homework schedule, go to your class web pages within my instructor website:
Blackboard is not planned for this class, but some features may be added during the term.


MSJC Student e-mail: Check it Daily!

If I have to unexpectedly cancel a class meeting, I will send a note to your student e-mail.
Use your student e-mail to contact me for questions, appointment requests or to let me know when
you are absent for more than 2 class days in a row; put Math51 in the subject line.
I will usually respond within 2 days.
Directions on how to activate and login to your student e-mail
can be found at or seek help at the Eagle Access Center.


Emergency Contact Numbers:

MSJC Menifee Campus Police 951- 639-5180, and Instruction Office (951) 639-5400.
Friends and family need to realize that they can leave a message about an emergency, but these
offices cannot give out any information about any student and cannot promise how quickly a
student can be tracked down. Use only for serious emergencies.


SI (Supplemental Instruction)

An SI Leader is currently NOT AVAILABLE for this class. Perhaps next time.
Student participation in SI Sessions would be voluntary.
An SI Leader acts as a model student and hosts out-of-class review sessions that incorporate
what to learn (course content) with how to learn it (study skills).

Math Savings Account:

Do you plan to take Math 90 Introduction to Algebra? Save all materials from this course
(text, class notes, homework, tests, and test solutions) for review before the next course.



You are required to accurately self-score each Section in each Homework Pack:
- Before scoring, check your answers with the answers in the back of your textbook.
- Mark any uncorrected exercises. Then count the correct ones and write Score = #

The homework assignment list is attached. Two homework Sections are assigned after most
class meetings, but Packages of 2 to 6 Sections are collected for grading about once a week.


Each of the twelve Homework Packages has 2 to 6 section assignments, and is worth 5 grade points.
Incomplete Packages will receive fewer points. You must show all work steps, complete all
sections, have accurate work and checked answers, use correct format with scoring for at least 90%
of all exercises to receive full credit.


Late Packages will be accepted with a 1-point per class day penalty, but must be turned in
withinthree class days of the original due date
. If you are absent on the day a Package is due,
turn it in at the start of the next class that you attend (no late penalty unless more than 3 days late).


Retention of new skills and concepts normally decreases with time unless it is reinforced with
homework exercise and study. Suggestion: break your homework into two parts. Do the first part
as soon after the class as possible; do the second part a day or two later. I know it is tempting to do
homework in class during lecture, but your retention will suffer and you may miss important points.
If you just cant work an exercise, go to the LRC for help.


Tips for Success:

Prepare for each class meeting:
Finish the homework from the last class; visit the LRC if necessary.
Preview the textbook sections to be covered in this class.

Prepare for tests/exams:
Review your homework for areas that were difficult.
Try the practice tests in the textbook; visit the LRC if necessary.

During each class:

Bring your textbook and take notes on the board examples.
Ask questions as soon as you get lost.

Outside of class:
Form a homework/study group with other students and attend regularly.

Check your student e-mail often; Class cancellations and schedule changes may be sent to you.

Check my online syllabus for your current grades and assignments, and to run PowerPoints.


Alternate Textbook Options: (Search for ISBN-13: 978-0321731548)

Used copies of this 6th edition are ok, but be sure the vendor can deliver it before the 3rd class day.
- If you have a PC, Laptop or Tablet, you can rent an E-Text for 180 days for less than the printed
book price. WiFi access in class in not guaranteed. You can try to use your Laptop or Tablet..
E-Text Free trial:


How to Format and Score Your Homework:
- Start each Section on a new page:
On the first page, put your name, section number, assigned exercises in the upper right corner.
Within each section you can use both sides of sheets, but leave a little space between exercises.

Include the Exercise Group Directions at the start of each new group.
- For each exercise:
Write down original exercise
Show all work steps
Check each answer in the back of the text. Unchecked work will not get full credit.
If your answer is correct, circle it.
If your answer is wrong:
Either: Correct your work and circle your correct answer.
Or: (If the answer or work is left wrong) Mark a big X over the exercise number.
- After working all exercises in a section, Score it:
Only count the exercises that are completely right and checked in the back of the text.
To the left of your name, write that number: Score = #
If you didnt check all answers in the textbook, write Unchecked Score=.
By marking Unchecked, your work still gets 80% credit, but its a dangerous habit.
If I find errors that show you didnt mark unchecked work, you will get no credit)
- For each Homework Package: Staple all sections together, in order.
- Do not add up your section scores; Ill do that while grading your package with 0 to 5 points.


Homework Package Format Example:


PowerPoints (.pptx)

Day1 First Day Information

Day1 Review Math50 Skills

Day2 MrVs Sums and Times Tables

Day3 MrVs Way to do Word Probs

Day3 A Good Negative Attitude

Day6 Translate Equations

Day9 Prime Numbers and Factors

Day9 Shorthand Division

Day11 Reducing Numeric Fractions

Day12 Translate For Success

Handouts (.pdf)

Day0 Welcome E-mail
Day0 Printable Syllabus PDF
Day1 Homework Assignment 1A
Day2 Arithmetic Notes
Day2 Homework Assignment 1B
Day2 Homework Format Procedure
Day3 How to do Word Problems
Day3 Good Negative Attitude
Day9 Prime Factorization
Day14 The MF Column in Primes Tab
Day14 Using MF Column - Examples

Math 51 Presentation and Homework Schedule (Tentative, changes will be marked in yellow)

1-29odd means do 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29 Never use a calculator,
1-29eoo means do 1,5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29
(every other odd) even if the text says to use one.

When only part of a Section is covered, like Section 3.4ab, the covered subsection letters are bolded.


DSPS Students only: Make your DSPS Testing Room appointments at least a week before the test.



C#: Topics Covered


Sect# {# of exercises} Homework Exercises

Aug 19

1: Introduction
Chapter 1

Enrollment, Syllabus, Homework 1A
Math50 Review, 1.2-1.4

1A: {13} 1.2: Pg12-13(21, 25, 29),
1.3: Pg17-18(23, 31, 33, 43, 51),
1.4: Pg24-25(15, 27, 31, 35, 39)

Aug 21

2: Chapter 1

Math50 Review, 1.5-1.7,1.9
Homework format, MrVs Tables

1B: {17} 1.5: Pg33(33, 47, 55),
1.6: Pg43-46(27, 35, 39, 57, 69, 77),
1.7: Pg53(41, 55),
1.9: Pg77(11, 35, 55, 59, 65, 77)

Aug 26

H/W Package #1
3: Section 2.1

Section 2.2

Due: 1A and 1B
Understanding Integers
Good Negative Attitude PP
Adding Integers

2.1 {31} 1-61odd

2.2 {33}

Aug 28

4: Section 2.3 p99
Section 2.4

Subtracting Integers
Multiplying Integers

2.3 {39} 1-67odd, 69-85eoo (some eoo)
2.4 {28} 1-55odd (your 1st eoo is above)

Sep 2

No Class



Sep 4

H/W Package #2
5: Section 2.5 p112

Due: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4
Dividing Integers, Order of Ops

2.5 {38} 1-75odd

Sep 9

6: Section 2.6 p120
Section 2.7

Intro to Algebraic Expressions
Like Terms and Perimeter

2.6 {42} 1-83odd
2.7 {25}

Sep 11

: Section 2.8 p135

Also: Basic Skills Initiative
Solving Equations

Deadline: DSPS Test1 Appointments
2.8 {40}

Sep 16

H/W Package #3
8: Pre-Test Review
Test 1: Chap 2

Due: 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8

Sep 18

Review Test 1
9: Section 3.1
Section 3.2

Multiples and Divisibility
Shorthand Division

3.1 {25}
3.2 {29}

Sep 23

10: Section 3.3 p167
Section 3.4ab

Fractions and Notation
Multiplying Fractions

3.3 {33} 1-65odd
3.4 {20}

Sep 25

H/W Package #4
11: Section 3.5 p183
Section 3.6

Due: 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4
Simplifying a Fraction
Simplifying during Multiplication

Deadline: DSPS Test 2 Appointments
3.5 {38}
3.6 {32}
1-51odd, 53-73eoo (some eoo)

Sep 30

12: Section 3.7 p201
Section 3.8

Reciprocals and Division
Solving Equations by Multiplying

3.7 {28} 1-55odd
3.8 {21}

Oct 2

H/W Package #5
13: Pre-Test Review
Test 2: Chap 3

Due: 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8
1st 20 minutes
60 minutes

Oct 7

Review Test 2
14: Section 4.1

Least Common Multiples

4.1 {27}

Oct 9

15: Section 4.2abc p232
Section 4.3

Adding Fractions, Order
Subtracting Fractions

4.2 {33} 1-65odd
4.3 {32}

Oct 14

H/W Package #6
Section 4.4 p250
16: Section 4.5 p256
Section 4.6abd

Due: 4.1, 4.2, 4.3
Solving Fractional Equations Arithmetic of Mixed Numerals

Add/Subtract Mixed Numerals

Deadline: DSPS Test 3 Appointments
4.4 {20}
4.5 {24}
1-47odd, 57
4.6 {27}
1-41odd, 67-77odd

Oct 16

17: Section 4.7abc p275
Section 4.8a

Multiply/Divide Mixed Numerals
Fractions Order of Operations

4.7 {18} 1-35odd
4.8 {13}

Oct 21

H/W Package #7
18: Pre-Test Review
Test 3: Chap 4

Due: 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8
1st 20 minutes
60 minutes

Oct 23

Review Test 3
: Section 5.1
Section 5.2

Decimals, Notation, Rounding
Add/Subtract Decimals

5.1 {44}
5.2 {43}

Oct 28

20: Section 5.3 p324

Multiplying Decimals

5.3 {33} 1-65odd

Oct 30

Section 5.4 p333
Section 5.5abc p345

Dividing Decimals
Change Fractions to decimals

Deadline: DSPS Test 4 Appointments
5.4 {18}
1-69eoo (all eoo)
5.5 {33} 1-65odd


H/W Package #8
: Section 5.6 p354
Section 5.7 p360

Due: 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4
Solving Decimal Equations

5.6 {15}
5.7 {12}
1-45eoo (all eoo)

Nov 6

H/W Package #9
Pre-Test Review
Test 4: Chap 5

Due: 5.5. 5.6, 5.7
1st 20 minutes
60 minutes


Nov 11

No Class



Nov 13

Review Test 4
: Section 7.1
Section 7.2

Introduction to Ratios
Rates and Unit Prices

7.1 {22}
7.2 {15}

Nov 18

25: Section 7.3 p474
Section 7.5

Geometric Applications

7.3 {29} 1-57odd
7.5 {13}

Nov 20

H/W Package #10
26: Section 8.1 p512
Section 8.2

Due: 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.5
Percent Notation
Solving Percent Equation Probs

Deadline: DSPS Test 5 Appointments
8.1 {29} 1-113eoo (all eoo)
8.2 {18}

Nov 25

27: Section 8.3 p531

Use Proportions to Solve % Probs
Applications of Percents

8.3 {18} 1-35odd
8.4 {11}

Nov 27

H/W Package #11
28: Pre-Test Review
Test 5: Chs 7 & 8

Due: 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4
1st 20 minutes


Dec 2

29: Section 9.1 p582
Section 9.2 p595

Systems, Convert Units of Length
Converting Units of Area

9.1 {43} 1-85odd
9.2 {21}

Dec 4

Review Test 5
: Section 9.4ab
Section 9.7ab

Volumes and Capacities
Weight and Mass

9.4 {20}
9.7 {22}

Dec 9

: Section 10.1a p678
Section 10.4abc

Integers as Exponents
Add/Subtract Polynomials

Deadline: DSPS Final Exam Appointments
10.1 {12}
10.4 {24}

Dec 11

H/W Package #12
32: Pre-Final Review

9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.5, 10.1, 10.4
All class

These sections are tested with
questions on the final exam.

Dec ?

Final Exam

Wednesday 12/18 2:00-4:00