The BAD Morning Show!
Monday through Thursday 8am to 9am PST
Dave and Bing doing the BAD Morning Show live in Las Vegas. They sound like they are having fun, but you can see they are all business.
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Dave and Bing not enjoying Las Vegas. When they go to the NAB convention every April, they are all business!
Here you can see despite any temptations Vegas offers, Bing and Dave remain focused on thier mission at the NAB convention.
Bad Show coming Events
National Association of Broadcasters
Convention. April 2012.
Las Vegas
Recent Public Sightings of Bing and Dave
The BAD show rebroadcasts again at 10AM PST and 8PM PST
Now simulcasting on
FIOS channel 45!
Now simulcasting on
FIOS channel 45!
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Bing always finds the girls!
Our remote Booth
The booth from our view
Bing and Dave with the BAD girls!