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When alternate formats are ready to be picked up in DSPS (Menifee or San Jacinto), DSPS will notify students by e-mail (MSJC student e-mail accounts). The materials will be available at the campus indicated below. Students will need to bring in a flash drive that is large enough to hold the electronic files (if applicable).

Select the DSP&S office where you would like to pick up your Alternate Media material in the Campus section at the bottom of the form.

Feel free to include Edition #, Authors First/Last Name, Publisher Name, which chapters you need, etc in the Message field.

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In order for us to fulfill Alternate Media requests, the student is responsible for providing a copy of the receipt of purchase for requested books. This is to verify studentís ownership of the textbook they are requesting DSP&S to adapt. By signing below I affirm that I own the textbook that I am requesting DSP&S to adapt into Alternate Media. If you do not present us with a copy of the book, we will not give you the materials requested. I understand that it may take up to four weeks to receive alternate media materials. I also understand that some materials are not available from outside sources, and I may be asked to provide my book to be cut and scanned in order to facilitate this request.